Akoya & Akoya Lite

At the heart of Oysterware is our unique Akoya ™ software, the core foundation of all our products. It’s this core functionality that allows our solutions to be both granular and scalable, so whatever your digital signage needs, if you want three screens, thirty or three hundred, we can achieve your end goal.

Akoya is a hosting service for you to upload and edit programmes, adverts etc and then play these across multiple screens. This gives you the ability to rapidly build, launch and update cost effective in-store promotions, using current, flexible display screen technology.

To save you time and money, we designed Akoya ™ to be smart thinking, to automate processes where possible and provide assistance for specific activities that do require interaction. Akoya ™ enables various parties to collaborate over the internet allowing multiple interactions. This workflow offers flexibility, ensuring that each person can play their small part within a larger project.

When looking at Akoya Lite, This offers a stand alone digital sinage system that allows you to remotely edit content on system to quickly adjust and change the stand alone digital signage, to ensure your content is constantly up-to-date.

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